Saturday, April 14, 2007

Satisfaction! With my Luke and Jay!

A number of years ago, I abruptly left my great job as a television news anchor after having my first child. People were stunned. "How could you leave such a fantastic job", they asked me? I really didn't have an answer, except to say that, like so many other mothers in the animal kingdom, I just couldn't leave my baby. At the time, that seemed such a lame excuse, really, since most of my human colleagues, also moms, had no trouble slipping out to work every day. None of us needed the money, although all of us wanted the money, plus the many other perks that came with our fabulous jobs.

I promised myself that I would go back to my career the next year. But the next year turned into another year, and eventually another year turned into another son, and I never did go back to work.

"When you get older, you'll never say, 'I wish I spent less time with the kids", my wise mother had advised me when I struggled with my decision. Boy, was she right. Looking at the decade old picture above, I can see now that I really followed my heart back then. I had actually left nothing behind by leaving my job after all. The picture says it all doesn't it? Talk about the cat that swallowed the canary!