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Hi all, havnt been on here for awhile. Still getting emails from parents about my scoliosis story Amazing Brace (MacLeans Magazine). And finally a study was carried out proving that bracing does work for scoliosis. The old 'wait and watch' so called 'treatment' is hogwash, so if you child has a curve, find a brace and try conservative methods. Won't work for everyone, unfortunately, but 40% and more can be kept out of surgery. For mature spines in adults, Spinecor, can solve postural problems caused by the asymmetry thus lessening or eliminating pain. Worked for my son when he was 22 years. he has no pain and hasn't worn the brace for years. All about working the muscles. Good luck all!

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HOly Angels HIgh Grad

g">Was guest speaker at my old all girls high school yesterday, Holy Angels in Sydney, Nova Scotia, for Grad. It was so nostalgic being there after all this time. I cried! The grads were gorgeous. Principal Theresa MacKenzie is quite a mover and shaker, and I had a lot of fun with former principal, Sr. Agnes Cordeau, who showed me around the convent. AHH, wonderful trip down memory lane....Luke came with me, and filmed it all, what a of my fav days of all time!!

Monday, March 29, 2010