Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm really worse than the kids. I've been promoting Mother's Day for months now. After 25 years raising kids, I'm so good at it. Jay just called from California with a pre mother's day greeting, and to make sure that his gift arrived, it's in front of me now. I think it's an ipod, but I don't tell him I know. Poor Luke lives here with me in Toronto, so he's really in trouble. Tomorrow he takes me to brunch, and then I get to call the whole day. "You'll probably make me search for scholarships online", he complained. He's right, I will, that is already on my list.

Two years ago, on May 10th, my own Mom died, so this Mother's Day will be the second anniversary of her death. I still miss her so much. Lots to think about on Mother's Day.. will never get past losing Mom.

Have a good one - I loved having my mother, and I love being a mother. Lots to celebrate today.