Monday, November 24, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi all, havnt been on here for awhile. Still getting emails from parents about my scoliosis story Amazing Brace (MacLeans Magazine). And finally a study was carried out proving that bracing does work for scoliosis. The old 'wait and watch' so called 'treatment' is hogwash, so if you child has a curve, find a brace and try conservative methods. Won't work for everyone, unfortunately, but 40% and more can be kept out of surgery. For mature spines in adults, Spinecor, can solve postural problems caused by the asymmetry thus lessening or eliminating pain. Worked for my son when he was 22 years. he has no pain and hasn't worn the brace for years. All about working the muscles. Good luck all!

just packing, getting ready for a move..found this...I really liked her...a trailblazer in her unique way..a bit grammatically incorrect but...